About us

Through the development and delivery of unique and iconic projects, our sole purpose is to add value – to our customers, to our investors, to our projects, and to our community.

We enhance tomorrow.

We create sustainable and innovative urban environments that deliver a lasting legacy the community can be proud of. Unlike other developers, we engage extensively with the community to determine their wants and needs, ultimately contributing to the social and economic fabric of Canberra.


“We are driven by our love for Canberra; the people, the community. That’s why we want to leave a legacy that everyone can be proud of.”

Michelle Dzakula, General Manager
We are visionaries

We are visionaries.

Driven by our passion for the Nation’s Capital, we pride ourselves on the ability to redefine expectations within the industry. Built on the cornerstones of innovation and sustainability, Addval seamlessly pairs progressive, cutting edge technology and design, with a key focus on the reduction of environmental impact.

We are industry leaders.

Our success is underpinned by our team. From our internationally experienced staff, to our collaboration with award-winning industry leaders, our process always begins with a shared, definitive, vision.

Master Builders Australia

Addval is a proud member of the Master Builders Association.


Step 1
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  • Step 1

    Market Research and Planning

    We want to create something that the community is proud of. That’s why we invest in extensive market research and community consultation upfront to determine people’s wants and needs.

  • Step 2


    Once we’ve established the vision for the project, we tailor a team of like-minded, industry leading professionals who can deliver on a common goal.

  • Step 3


    Reducing our environmental foot-print is at the heart of all our developments. We align our construction process with environmental principles and actively uphold best industry practice.

  • Step 4

    Community Activation

    Our developments are more than bricks and mortar. For every project we complete, we deliver the foundations for a vibrant, social and sustainable community.